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Who we are

Stancija Zavod



Your hosts

Twenty years we have traveled the world and we have lived and worked in many countries. Some years ago we finally decided to live and work in Croatia on the wonderful Istrian Peninsula.

We were lucky to be able to acquire Zavod, a small farmhouse built in the Istrian style with massive stone walls and a large property. There was neither electricity nor piped water supply. After some reconstruction we could live there. The property was largely overgrown, a real jungle. The macadam road was a muddy path; with our jeep still quite okay but with a normal car ...........!

Nelleke Geertse & Albert Dekker
Nelleke Geertse & Albert Dekker

After many efforts and investment a metamorphosis took place. We have electricity, running water, a beautiful mansion in the original Istrian style with swimming pool, a nice garden with fruit and vegetables and a beautiful environment.

But despite all one thing has withstood the metamorphosis: the peaceful atmosphere.

During the years we got to know Istria. The ever changing landscape, the nice towns and villages, the people who accept us and allow us into their world, the Istrian cuisine with the good things from both Italy and the Balkans, and the language we are slowly learning to speak.

During the years that we live here we have experienced and enjoyed that extra dimension. And we hope to be able to share some of that with you.

Welcome in Zavod!

Nelleke and Albert